Rumstaking, the best spot for drunk farming!

Welcome everyone!

As you probably know, BSC yield farming has grown significantly in the past few months. With the likes of Pancakeswap and Goose growing so much so fast, we’d like to introduce our take on the 2nd generation yield farming mechanism, allowing a constant price increase with a timelock contract at launch and a tempting yield!

We will achieve our goal through a combination of 4% Rum Tokens burn when staking in farms and a popular lottery pot which will award 75% of the tokens to the winner and burn the remaining coins, reducing the overall circulating amount. This will enable a constant price increase.

Of the 4% staking burn, 3% will be used to buy Rum Tokens across all farms and sent into the lottery (or burned directly) and 1% will be directed towards the development of Rum Staking.

Lastly, you will be thrilled to know that there is 0% risk of rugpull thanks to the timelock applied at launch and the removal of the migrator function inherited from Pancakeswap.

Come join us and enjoy!




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Rum Staking

Rum Staking

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